Gimmie All Your Love is a short Twine-based game centered around a single encounter between yourself, your girlfriend, your couch, and her favorite song, "Gimmie All Your Love" by the Alabama Shakes. Wrote with the song in mind (and one is recommended to play their first run of it with the song in the background), Gimmie All Your Love explores both the small details and the grand ideas that make up relationships, and allows the player to explore these ideas over 500 passages, nearly 10,000 words, and hundreds of choices.

Gimmie All Your Love is Not Safe For Work and contains explicit language, both sexual and crude. It contains one scene of implied sexual violence, but it is not a scene that will be viewed on every play through or even the majority of playthroughs.

Sadly, due to a full-time job and general emotional exhaustion, Gimmie All Your Love is still incomplete, though it should be considered about 75% done. As such, there are some sections that dead end or don't trigger, or simply haven't been written yet. I'm working to get these done as soon as possible.